About Unconferences (aka THATCamp)

There are no spectators: it's collaborative. Everyone participates, including the task of setting an agenda or program. There are no lengthy proposals, papers, presentations, or product demos: it's informal. The emphasis is on productive, collegial work or free-form discussion. The agenda is mostly or entirely created by all the participants during the first session of the day: it's spontaneous and timely. Participants are encouraged to use session time to create, build, write, hack and solve problems. It's productive. Participants share notes, documents, pictures, and other materials from discussions before and after the event on the web and via social media. It's open and online. It's fun, intellectually engaging and a little exhausting.

Talk, teach, make, play.

Unconference Resources

How to Prepare to Attend an Unconference (includes some excellent ideas for types of sessions)
Unconference 101: This video explains well the norms of unconferences. 

This Unconference is modeled after The Humanities and Technologies Camp, or THATCamp. We're not offering an official THATCamp this time, but who knows what the future holds. THATCamps are offered all over the country, and some are in Europe.